Company News

30 July 2014

New Multi Product Pipeline

Transnet’s New Multi Product Pipeline (NMPP) is amongst the biggest and most complex multi-product pipelines in the world. Its pipeline system covers a distance of 715km. The NMPP transports liquid petroleum fuel from Durban to Gauteng and surrounds and is the biggest project in Transnet’s capital expenditure investment portfolio.

“The package added many benefits to the project team such as:
simplification of contract administration; easy, reliable access to one common pool of contractual data; continuous notification of all stakeholders of contractual movements…”

Louis Botha – Kendal Fuel Depot Upgrade Project Manager, Siemens

C-COM was used on by various companies on many of the main and ancillary contracts comprising the NMPP project. At the fuel-infrastructure terminals 1 and 2 (located in Heidelberg and Durban) Group Five used C-COM Solo to keep proper daily site records and to organize NEC related contractual correspondence. C-COM Multi was used by Transnet Pipelines, Siemens and their subcontractors as the exclusive means of NEC communication as well as to collect proper daily site records at the fuel depot upgrades.

We are a member of the Asia Pacific NEC Users’ Group

Microsoft has awarded us their Silver Application Development competency