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C-COM Product Factsheet

C-COM is a modern, easy-to-use, web-based solution developed in conjunction with leading construction law and contract specialists.

Product Details

Risks Register

Enables early risk identification and collaborative mitigation

  • Automatic Early Warning generation and transmission
  • On-demand consolidated or per contract output to PDF or Excel
  • Central mitigation strategy development and comments

The key elements to managing risk on construction projects are early identification and communication between stakeholders. C-COM’s Risks Register facilitates this by enabling the identification, recording and communication of risks before and during the execution phase.

The Risks Register captures the anticipated impact and severity of the risks and permits the attachment of all supporting documentation. It then allows various parties to suggest risk reduction strategies and discuss the risk online – e-mail alerts keep everyone updated on mitigations and comments.

The Risks Register collates all risks in an easily searchable database. It effortlessly generates and transmits NEC compliant Early Warnings and generates consolidated or contract specific risk registers for a specific contract or for multiple contracts for discussion at risk reduction meetings.

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Events Register

Tracks, guides and reminds the contractor and engineer / project manager through variations and claims from beginning to end

  • Specialized support for popular conditions (including NEC, FIDIC, JBCC and GCC)
  • Automatic notice generation and transmission
  • Retains and organizes all variation and claim related documentation
  • Monitors time bars and reminds users via e-mail and SMS when to act
  • On-demand consolidated or contract-specific variation and claim registers
  • Real time commercial reporting

Change is an inescapable reality on any construction project, whether that change is intentionally brought about by the employer or the result of unforeseen complications during project execution. C-COM’s Event Register provides a basis for managing such events causing change on projects and facilitates compliance and streamlines administration of the resulting variation or claim procedure.

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Site Diary

Transforms the site diary into an invaluable tool for detecting risk.

  • Resilient to poor internet reception
  • Comprehensive set of available components and configuration options
  • Advanced search, collation and export facilities
  • Risk triggers activate immediately when risks are detected
  • Online/paperless sign-off
  • Import and track fulfillment of programme deliverables (e.g. access; drawings; materials)

Everyone involved in construction projects knows the value of regular, well-kept, accurate and comprehensive site diaries. They are the cornerstone of all good contract administration and the primary source of finding out “what happened”.

Unfortunately site diaries often fail to live up to their potential value on account of being illegible, incomplete or lacking the required information. Hard-copy format further complicates extraction of information.

The C-COM Site Diary facilitates direct online submission of site diaries into a searchable database. Site diaries can be collected from several people for several structures/areas/disciplines and consolidated into a single site diary. A built-in approval system notifies users when their electronic signature is required.

Powerful reporting facilities allow immediate access to a variety of flexible reports with MS Excel export facilities. Management can setup personalized triggers to be notified via e-mail or SMS when particular circumstances are detected.

The C-COM Site Diary is highly configurable and has facilities for managing: weather; resourcing; productivity; delays; quality assurance; health & safety; instructions; information requirements and more.

Specialized facilities available for underground mining projects, contact us to find out more.

Requirements Schedule

Tracks what you need from others and what they need from you.

  • Programme monitoring
  • Automatic reminders via e-mail and SMS
  • Integrated with C-COM FIDIC and NEC Claims/CE components

The construction enterprise is a collaborative process. Within individual organisations and across organisations, people constantly need the cooperation of others to fulfil their duties. C-COM’s Requirements Schedule allows for importing of your construction programme or WBS in order to allow tracking of deliverables, e.g. access; free-issue materials; activity completion; drawings; etc.

The Requirements Schedule is split into two sections: “My To-Do List” and “My To-Expect list”. By reviewing the lists regularly, users are able to easily stay on top of their responsibilities and requirements.

C-COM automatically adds claim related activities to specific users’ To-Do lists and escalates these activities before they become overdue.


Documents Manager

Easy and secure file sharing.

  • Easily upload and share all kinds of files
  • Granular control of access to files
  • Simple file transmission facilities
  • Specialized photo handling

Proper control of key documentation is a must for successful contract administration. It helps immeasurably if this documentation is accessible to all stakeholders regardless of their location.

C-COM possesses a robust document management system to maintain proper records of all documentation in an easy-to-use storage and retrieval system. It also provides an accurate record of when documents were created and transmitted to other parties.


C-COM can be implemented on any contract by one party or both.

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