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C-COM Product Factsheet

The NEC suite of contracts, for all its advantages, possesses what is probably the most challenging test of both parties’ contracts administration. Often additional human resources and expertise are required in order to comply with NEC contractual processes and realize the benefits it offers. C-COM counteracts this increased resource dependency by automating the risk and change management contractual processes required by NEC contracts.

Workflow approval

C-COM can setup to require approval by various persons of outgoing contractual correspondence before it is transmitted

Fully auditable

C-COM records all the details related to contractual correspondence it transmits for easy auditing at any time

Real-time commercial reporting

Access real-time commercial insight for any project or your entire organization via custom reports

Compensation Events

Simplify administration of NEC Compensation Events to improve compliance, reduce staffing requirements and save time.

By programming the mechanics of clauses 60-65 of the NEC contract into C-COM’s Events Register, C-COM is able to advise parties when action is required of them and what options they are allowed to pursue at the present time. If a party is running out of time to act, C-COM will send out e-mail and SMS reminders.

When a party decides to pursue one of the actions C-COM has advised are possible, C-COM generates contractually proper, signed PDF correspondence and transmits it to the relevant parties via e-mail. All correspondence is automatically time stamped and filed chronologically for easy retrieval later on.

Since all Compensation Event related correspondence is transmitted via C-COM, the system can provide up to the second reporting on: outstanding quotations, approved extensions, price increases and more.


Early Warnings

Generate proper Early Warning notifications quickly and easily

The Early Warning is a powerful and effective tool for managing risks on projects. NEC based projects can easily generate hundreds or thousands of Early Warnings over their lifecycles.

C-COM’s Early Warning facilities are integrated into its Risks Register, once a risk has been added to the Risks Register, C-COM is able to generate and transmit contractually proper, signed PDF Early Warnings to the relevant parties.

All Early Warnings are automatically time stamped and filed for easy retrieval at any time, furthermore C-COM can output Early Warning registers on demand. Early Warning matters can either be closed out when dealt with or be “converted” to Compensation Events.


Project Manager’s Instructions

Reduce the time taken and effort required to draft and communicate instructions.

With minimal input C-COM can automatically generate contractually proper, signed PDF PMI’s and transmit them to the relevant parties. Project Managers issue PMI’s themselves via C-COM or can allow others to draft PMI’s on their behalf and simply approve these PMI’s in order to issue them.

When drafting PMI’s, users specify whether the PMI should be notified simultaneously as a CE and also whether the PMI is a request for quotations for a proposed instruction or changed decision. In the latter two cases C-COM automatically invokes its Compensation Event administrator in order to compel proper follow up action.

All PMI’s are automatically time stamped and field for easy retrieval later. A PMI register can be output on demand.


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